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Development prospect of die steel industry in China during 12th Five-Year

2018/10/10 11:47
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The level of mold production technology has become an important symbol to measure the level of a country's product manufacturing, because the mold to a large extent determines the quality of products, efficiency and new product development capacity. At present, the annual output value of mould in the world is about 60 billion US dollars. The output value of mould industry in Japan, the United States and other industrial developed countries has exceeded that of machine tool industry. During the "12th Five-Year" period, the development of China's mould industry will face new opportunities and challenges. There is still a certain gap between the alloy die steel of our country and the advanced international level of the United States, Japan, France and Switzerland. It is difficult to meet the market demand in variety, quality, size, specifications and properties. As a result, a large number of medium and high-grade die steel must be imported from abroad every year. The specifications of imported die steels are mainly large-size forging modules (250-800 mm thick), (600-1200 mm wide) and large-size flat die steels (30-300 mm thick), (400-1500 mm wide), which can only be produced in a few steel plants in China. Among the imported materials, hot working die steel accounted for about 20% (20000 T / year), mainly H13 (SKD61), cold working die steel for about 20% (20000 T / year), mainly D2 (SKD11), plastic die steel for about 60% (60000 T / year), mainly P20 and its improved 738. Imported die steel prices are very expensive, generally 3-5 times that of domestic steel, Luo Baihui said, for imported die steel, most of our products have the ability to carry out research and development, the key problem is to strengthen the basic research and production technology of die steel, improve the quality and performance of domestic die steel. In addition, the plastic mold steel must be delivered in a pre hardening state and has good polishing properties. The module has the best quality of six faces and good internal quality.